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Surf Punks - Surfer's Nitemare lyrics

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Surfer's Nitemare by Surf Punks

All right!
Out of the water!
Cut your hair!
No talking!
All right you fish!
Fall in!
Stand up straight!
Yes sir
Suck in that gut!
Yes sir
Look sharp, surfer!
Yes sir
You're in the army now!
Youi smell just like a cow!
Forget the surf!
You big fat nerf!
You're in the army now!
You're coming with me - double time!
No way, I ain't going with you, no way, no no no
Hop to it!
No I got waves to catch, I, I
Left, right!
One, two!
Gimme fifty, soldier!
I don't wanna serve in the war
I don't wanna do that
I don't wanna kill nobody
Left, right, left, right, left, right!
I don't wanna kill nobody, no no
Step out of line and you're dead, soldier!
... waves to catch
I like to surf, I like nature, I, I
Surfers make me sick!

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