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Supared - Hey lyrics

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Hey by Supared

The sinner cries
With all his breath
The runner never gets to rest
The widow fights her loneliness
The doctor says he'll do his best
The remedy will promise cure
The millionaire still needs his more
The soldier keeps on fighting for
Our plastic peace behind our doors
But hey!
I get a million volts right into my brain
All those ideals just add to the pain
And fallen angels sing the refrain
We passionate all learn to dance on the edge
Some recommend a shot in the head
I put all men's despair on my bread
It's up to you or down to me
Hard-hearted man unlearned to be
The lunatic showed up to see
If he's still him eventually
Still I get sick from time to time
As she still tends to loose her mind
Yes, fortune's still hard to define
Unwillingness sure waits in line
You love honesty as much as the lie
Especially when honesty is a lie
The human mind's a turner
Turns out to turn wrong
The ego's such a burner
Burns our brains out strong
Is up to you or down to me

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