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Sun Of Sadness - Through The Night lyrics

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Through The Night by Sun Of Sadness

A cold wind strikes my hair and my heart is so sad
Why can't I carry my master's burden?
Why did it have come so far?
Here I stand upon the hill, looking down onto these dark land
My master is gone, elopement by a dark force
In a land full of horror I have to go, so he can bring an end to what once so harmless began
Helpless but full of courage I move on forward... towards the dark land
Surrounded by gloomy dull light my fear awakens
I hear the creatures singing... of blood, demons and gods killed!
"Through the night we have to go
To end the fight between good and bad
Whether living or dead, we have to go"
Along the cold walls I creep silently.
Passed the guards into the depth of the tower
Through the stairways full of fear, holding my sword (knowing it won't help a thing!)
But wait! I hear screams, the beasts of night fighting over loot and might
There the first one falls, seems he is dead and only one is left
He stands with his weapon spilled with blood
"Through the night we have to go
Passed horror and fright (what once so harmless began)
Whether living or dead, we have to go!"
Master, what shall I do, I'm so alone
Evil is stronger, it grabs for you
What shall I do!
And I hear a angel speaks to me
"Oh my friend, you will see the evil is often it's own enemy."
Now I feel brave again to fight against the slaves of dark
To free my friend I will kill you...or this shall be my end
"Through the night we have to go
To fight the evil, to destroy it's might
Passed by monsters till the end of the night
Dead or alive, we have to go!"

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