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Summoning - Saruman lyrics

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Saruman by Summoning

[1. Sample]
Saruman come forth.
[2. Sample]
I am Saruman the white, Saruman of many colours.
[3. Sample]
Middle days are passing,
Younger days ....
The nine have come forth again
[4. Sample]
A new power is rising,
The victory is at hand and there will be rich reward for thoser who aid it.
[5. Sample]
By night or day. Are we not both members of a high and ancient order (most
Excellent in Middle Earth).
[6. Sample]
The friedship of Saruman and the power of Orthanc (can not be lightly thrown aside),
You have won a battle but not a war.
[7. Sample]
Will you have peace with me. And all the aid that my knowledge,
Founded in long years can bring.
[8. Sample]
Good days, come back by night or day

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