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Summer Dying - Story For Eternity lyrics

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Story For Eternity by Summer Dying

Music :: Lydon/Harris/Oliver; Lyrics :: Bryant
Verse 1:
The thought, a breakdown of human science
A deafened meaning of nothing to come
Silence breaks the wall's resistance
Exposing my broken heart's remorseful remains
Existence means not as much as before
As for it seems part of me has died
Struggle for the answers, bound to land
In a pool of buried memories
Everyone has left me to die, knowing not what is to come
For fear of feeling trapped and forever drowning in darkness
Possessed by the will to find - what I once was
Human soul lost within a beast - forever in darkness
Demons call to me more so now - than ever before
Hoping to make me lose sight - of the truth
Verse 2:
Pain, regret becomes a part of the everyday
Way of life and lost in it's course
All the fog that blinds my mind without vision
My eyes see nothing yet feel agony
That builds the wall's resistance
Brick by brick, I'm falling apart back to the start
As the wall heightens I see it's made
Of all my untouched dreams
(Repeat Pre)
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 3:
Looking back on what was once there
A blank haze seems to fill my empty stare
Once again the pain shall arise
And haunt me forever more
I'm not afraid of what path I chose
Though I may be condemned to this hell
All and all my eyes shall tell a story
That shall live for all eternity
(Repeat Pre)
(Repeat Chorus x2)

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