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Summer Dying - As We Rust lyrics

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As We Rust by Summer Dying

Lost in this world, I cannot be found; no one hears
My soul is lost, I pray it be found; no one sees
All of these fears I have inside
My life flashed before my very eyes
ALl I know is I just don't know what is going wrong
In my chest I distress that my heart's not bleeding anymore
No more color in my eyes
Bleeding cold, encased with ice
No more more
Your store-bought smile - it sickens me
You wear your mask and the lies that your eyes are telling me - can see through
Filled to the brim with piss and shit, I stand enthralled
You play the part, but where's your heart, buddy?
You're not standing tall
The rising tide, you'll leave; I paid the price surely
You took everything from me and I what I thought was true
And what I felt for're not a friend at all
As years go by, the sands of time, they slip away
And as we rust, from ash to dust, we are the sands of time
Please god, save me from my own self - just let me die
I beg of thee, just set me free - just set me free
Sick of this world so full of lies - so full of lies
Your love for me has surely died - has died
I look inside your eyes, I look inside your painted lies
I paint you faded grey
And all the years go by and all the times you made me cry
I fade, I fade away...
Why try? World hides...
Why try? We hide...
I fade, I fade away...

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