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Sugar - More Than A Million Miles lyrics

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More Than A Million Miles by Sugar

you and i, we belong
if we choose to get along
still we always bring our bullshit home
time is passing us by
holding on to you tight
i ain't letting go
i just want you to know
you and me it should work
but your mind is in another universe
your ambition is a thing i like to see
let me know, let me know
if you can find some time for me
how can we be strong
when the road is more than a million miles long
when the song is done
will the love be gone
or should we forget it
get it, don't sweat it
regret it, i ain't with it
let's quit it, quit it
is it red, is it green
am i stuck in between
it ain't black or white
just ain't feeling right
but it ain't what it seems
can you say what you mean
tell me why this always happens to me
chorus x2
missing you lately
all of the time
all you seem to do is argue
make up your mind
come to my yard
bring all the man dem
the broke ass niggaz
with all the fake jem
communication, that's what we need
all the silence makes my heart bleed
all you wanna do sit and burn weed
no R.E.S.P.E.C.T
tell me what happend to our quality time
everytime we meet
you bring trouble to my mind
a good man is so hard to find
maybe we should dead this
come back rewind
chorus x2

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