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Suffocation - Regret lyrics

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Regret by Suffocation

Visions of murder take place in my mind
I strip the souls from the worthless
Euphoric pleasure saturates, but this is real
These memories of conflict and struggle
Why do I feel these feelings of regret and pity?
But what has happened? There's blood on my hands
What have I done? I do not know
Recollections becoming clear, Flesh under my nails is really here
The monster that I've become
Has just done what cannot be undone
Unconscious state, who am I?
What have I done? I do not know
Massive confusion, massive confusion overwealms and saturates, saturates my conscious
A million misconceptions feel all too real
I'm an entanglement of disillusion, blessed by virtues of strife
What of my normal life? The acts I remember
What if they don't exist? I they're not real?
Betrayal of oneself - existing - unknowing
The misuse of life has led me to this state of dementia
The evil that courses through my veins consumes me whole
I strip the soul from your worthlessness
You turn cold as I take from you last kiss

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