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Suffocation - Funeral Inception lyrics

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Funeral Inception by Suffocation

The servant of the higher power is summoned by the emptiness of the =
lost souls. With wings extended, it sweeps across the land looking =
for it=B9s helpless victims. The young and old are it=B9s prey; the ones =
not strong enough to survive. With blood dripping from it=B9s talons =
and flesh between it fingers, it feast upon human prey. Fetuses =
decorated with blood. Wombs torn from their mothers; the beast has =
no feelings. It sees no remorse and pities the hopeless. It=B9s meal =
vast and plentiful, for there are many to feed upon. You see, there =
are too many who have no need to live and something has to clean it =
up. It comes with no warning and takes what is his. The old try to =
find their way through God. Yet they are following a lost cause. You =
see, in this world, he is God. No God can save you from him. The =
beast was called by your so called God to clean up what has been =
destroyed by the race that inhabits this planet. The beast is full
and the weak are scattered among the litter and trash. =

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