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Sublime - Pat Campbell Rules lyrics

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Pat Campbell Rules by Sublime

We took this trip to garden grove
smelt like lou dog inside the van (oh yea)
This aint no funky ragae party
5 dollars at the door
it gets so real some times
who wrote my ryhme
I got the Microwave got the vcr
i gots the deuce-duece in the trunk of my car( oh yea)
if you only knew all the love that ive found
its hard to kepp my soul off the ground
your a fool
dont f**k around with my dog
all that i can see i steal
i fill up my garage
music from jamica all the love that ive found
the lovin thats the reason why my souls unfound
Its you!
its that sh*t stuck under my shoe
its that smell inside the van
its my bed sheet covered with sand
sittin through a sh*ty (not sure)
gettin dog sh*t on my hand
gettin haseled by the man
makeing up u when im wrong

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