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Stormwitch - When The Bat Bites lyrics

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When The Bat Bites by Stormwitch

The sky is cloudy
And the full moon's on the rise
Your hear a lone wolf howl
The dark's got evil eyes
You'd better look the door
Nail up the window-panes
Tonight's the Demon's night
And hell will break his chains
When all is asleep
He's leaving his grave
Searching for a slave
When the bat bites
The room is empty
But you feel you're not alone
Black eyes are watching you
They seem to break your bones
A cloud of fog is slowly
Crawling towards your bed
A shadow's coming down
Reaching for your head
When all is asleep...
No garlic and no cruzifix
Can save you from his grips
You feel the end is near
When he licks his lips
You can feel an icy breath
Of rotteness and decay
Your pillow's turning red
Blood is hard to pay
When all is asleep....

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