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Excalibur Lyrics

by Stormwarrior


Excalibur Song Lyrics

Excalibur by Stormwarrior

Lady of the lake could hear
Merlin's prayer of help in his despair
May the angels fly serve it's purpose
And your soul.

Ambrosia was dying when queen mab
Was fighting to lead the humans back
To her!

Worship the old ways and
Your land is cursed
The peace will one day return
King arthur took the sword by his hand
Excalibur will heal the land!
A noble knight!
A knight of light!

Lancelot of the lake
Lancelot and guivinerer became legends
Elain died of a broken heart
Mordred finally tasted the steel of

Ambrosia was dying
When queen mab was fighting
To lead the humans back to her!

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