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Stormrider - Into Battle lyrics

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Into Battle by Stormrider

I'll rip your head off
And sh*t down your throat
My fist in your face
My foot up your ass
This time it's war
You will end up dead
You f**ker...
Trend-made whore
You can't escape
We shall slay you all
You will die tonight
For much too long those trend
Posing motherf**kers have held the scene
It is time that we reclaim what
Is rightfully ours
Never again shall we face them
Without our burning axes of... war!
No way we'll play
That neo-metal sh*t
Cause we are here
To deliver death
Old-school is our way
The only way we know
f**k you!
You will die
We'll make sure
You will meet
Our axes of war
You will burn
Forever more

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