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Stormhammer - Possibilities lyrics

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Possibilities by Stormhammer

Ride with me to the end of the rainbow
Where the goblin dug our treasure trove
Bars of ice freeze up dreams in golden rings
Carry me off on rustling wings
Spread my arms up wide
Fly through time and tide
Freedom is a gift we share
Show me what you feel bleeding hearts reveal
The treasures buried deep inside
Show me a possibility to get you
When I see you I'm paralysed
Please give me a chance to love you
Don't let my heart freeze in ice
Is there a light
Is there a light in your heart
You tell me love's a dangerous flame
I eat my heart out for you can't you feel
My fire liquefies shields of steel
I'm no shooting star dying away in space
Lost in the maze of love
You're crying in the rain
Don't let the fire burn in vain
[Repeat Chorus]
Stop dreaming stop dreaming
It's a cold world in my heart

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