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Stina Nordenstam - Down desire avenue lyrics

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Down desire avenue by Stina Nordenstam

Down Desire Avenue
Where all the pilots go
Line in a bar when day is through
Keeping the world in a place below
Tall second rated moviestars
Step from their overcolored truth
Out through a side door right into
Desire Avenue
Empty faces, silly walks
Coming in from the tight-rope dance
Men judging balance above all
Looking down on their shaking hands
It's coming up it's hard to breathe
And I think of you
I'm going down but nothing's cheap
Down Desire Avenue
One bite of cold and one of heat
A sip of lust a sip of pain
A careless way to cross the street
That is the way to play this game
Now - is a red-hot piece of coal
Thrown right at you
This isn't courage anymore
Down Desire Avenue

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