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Stevie Wonder - Hey love lyrics

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Hey love by Stevie Wonder

Hey Love,
May I have a word with you?
I`d like to tell you, yea,
Just what I`ve been going through.
My nights are so long,
As I watch each hour go by,
Hopin` and prayin` ,
That someday I`ll be your guy.
Hey Love,
You`re my one true soul desire,
Hey Love, baby,
Can you feel this burnin` fire?
Hey Love,
There`s one thing I find so true,
When you are near me,
I go through a change or two.
Hearing your footsteps,
I hurry to catch your eye,
I stand there waiting,
But girl, you just walk on by.
Say Love,
With a cold heart, you are dealin`,
Hey Love,
It`s an awful burnin` feelin`.
Hey Love,
Don`t pass me without some sign,
Just look me over, yea,
And you might wanna change your mind

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