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Steve Forbert - Planet Earth Song lyrics

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Planet Earth Song by Steve Forbert

Down Silver Avenue in rain and mist
You're lookin' for Easy Street which don't exist
And count the years, yes, and count the years
You smash the mirrored walls and you cut your fist
You can't control yourself, you can't resist
And she'd a tear, oh, yes, and she'd a tear
Gotta love to live
Gotta wild, old, rambling road, boy
You've seen the queen of hearts get torn in half
Beneath the chandelier, the golden calf
And diamond rings, yes, yes, yes and diamond rings
You've seen them factories and railroad yards
And silver moonlit walls with windows barred
And all these thing, oh, yes, and all these things
Gotta love to live
Gotta long, old, winding road, boy
And back in Baltimore the morning came
Her face was paradise--you hear her name
Can't break her spell, oh, no, you can't break her spell
She's bound for distant lands and she won't be back
Her voice was soft and sweet, her skin so black
And fare you well, oh, say well, well, well and fare you well
Gotta love to live
Gotta lost, old, lonesome road, boy

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