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Masterplan Lyrics

by Stefanie Heinzmann


Masterplan Song Lyrics

Masterplan by Stefanie Heinzmann

Don't speak, sit and listen
You can whisper, don't don't shout
They say don't fight it
Coz you won't beat it
So check you're thinking
And watch your mouth I let them sell youout
You'll see you're better than you thik you are
And finally
This opurtunity
Noy what's it gonna be so wn't you tell me yeah I
Gonna rais the pressure
I know my desination
Gonna make my move
Messin up the masterplan I save your questions, no opinions
Take a backseat and know you're a place
There ain't no room for imperfection
Don't want your ideas, don't like your face I you don't have to, do what they tell youto
Ain't got no hold on you
You see you're better than yu think you are
It's your time, ain't gonna pass you by
Thee rules they don't apply
You better tell me tell me yeahi
Kick it into action
I'll take my own direction

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