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Star Mazzy - Halah lyrics

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Halah by Star Mazzy

well i think i see another side
maybe just another light that shines
and i look over now thru the door
and i still belong to noone else
maybe i hold you to blame
for all the reasons that that you left
and close my eyes til i see your suprise
and you're leaving before my time
baby won't you change your mind
surely don't stay long
i'm missing you now
it's like i told you
i'm over you somehow
before i close the door
i need to hear you say good bye
baby won't you change your mind
i guess that hasn't changed someone
maybe nobody else could understand
i guess that you believe you are woman
and i am someone else's man
but just before i see that you leave
i want you to hold all the things that you said
baby i wish i was dead

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