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Stampin' Ground - Betrayal has a face lyrics

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Betrayal has a face by Stampin' Ground

I've walked the four corners of this earth but peace is something I cannot find
I can run a million miles but never escape my own mind
Cursed to lie on this bed of nails
Every point celebrating my failures
Come back to haunt me
The oppertunites missed, the feelings I hurt
Resurrected to tear at flesh they come back to haunt me
And now betrayal has a face... as I lie here afraid to sleep listening to the floorboards creek
Beneath the sword of damocles
I've been betrayed
Times oozes like molasses
I drown in every sweet wave but oblivion eludes me
As the edges of reality start to blur I question who I am
Oblivion eludes me
The bitter mind of 4am reveals the man I fear I am
As minutes drag
Slowly to hours all hopes by doubts are devoured
I've been betrayed

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