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Spout - Teach lyrics

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Teach by Spout

School day fade away
3:00 won't come today
Let the bells keep ringing, to the key that the children sing in
This lesson's killing me
You sit back and watch us bleed.
Just close your eyes and teach, close your eyes and teach
Are you my teacher? Why won't you listen to me?
You might learn something cause something's missing - can't you see?.
The girl who won't raise her hand
Thinks you won't understand
Take a look at her arm
Tell her daddy won't do no harm
Just open up your eyes, you gotta realize when you are needed.
Open up your mind, know that even though the class is seated
- there's one more empty chair
Where's little angel?
She always sat right there
She had a beautiful smile. only saw it once and a while
Why did she stay so sad?
Why did she hate her dad?
On the surface, stable .. just keep it under the table
She had an accident
Now her parents pay the rent
On time and drink their wine. they'll pretend everything is fine

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