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Spitvalves - Come try again lyrics

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Come try again by Spitvalves

thank you thank you
i'll accept the invitiation
hard core styles
but cooperation
is a must
when it's my turn i bust
comin' with thrust
knocking dust
off knick-knack suckers
sh*t-talkin' motherf**kers
again i'm in like flynn
come try again
when you get famous
like amos
nameless and shameless
while i'm fillin' up my pages
let me do my damage
i'll sit back relax
then maybe i can manage
your advantage
you think you obtain
get in the game
ain't no shame in my game
game what
a game of wiffle ball
homerun derby
come one come all
before the shows
this is how it goes
you can try again
but the spitcrew gonna win

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