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Spice 1 - Wanna be a g lyrics

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Wanna be a g by Spice 1

(Chorus): 2x
So you wanna be a playa
So you wanna be a G
So you wanna be a gangsta (2nd time: player)
But you don't wanna f**k with me
(Verse 1):
Diamonds up on the pinky rolexes up on the wrist
Take a good look at this old pimpin' ass
Nigga you ain't never seen a Mack like this
It's the Thug in me
Niggas be walkin' round muggin' me ruggin' me
Tell your b**ch to give me my dick back
She pullin' me and tuggin' me
Can't be f**kin' round with you cluckhead b**ches
Don't need no fixin' rubbers
Just like my timin' ass partner (E-)40 say
Punk b**ch y'all burn rubber
If that b**ch can't swim then nigga she bound to drown
What's up with you old ratched mouth ass b**ches
Tryna talk down on me and the town
You b**ches better recognize this is 187 proofer
Mobbin' out the cut with a fat A.K. and a black on black Lex Luther
Ain't no ?? up in this ?? just shut em down crush nasty
Right now I'm kickin' this pimp sh*t but you ho's know I'm the last G
In sticky situations will have bust with no hesitation
You punk ass niggas don't know my background
You just stuck on that player hation
Why a nigga wanna talk bad on a timer who been down from the Get Go
I can smoke a blunt up in my hot tub don't be trippin' off that old sh*t though
(Chorus): 2x
(Verse 2):
You niggas ain't never seen me in person tryna assassinate my character
Talkin' bout Spice ain't got no paper
b**ch I'm a nightmare livin' in America
Ain't no paperbag ass nigga hoe I done been through some sh*t
Niggas walkin' round out here I wanna kill
Wanna kill me too that's real
Punk ass niggas they know who they is runnin' round talkin' sh*t
Oh, f**k that punk ass nigga
Spice 1 he ain't nothin but a b**ch
But one of these days
I'ma have your ass chopped up in the back of my Benzo
Mobbin' to this old gangsta sh*t right here smokin' on some of that Indo
Too many f**k you b**ches up in the game niggas be puttin' too much on it
Born and bred to be a Thug ass nigga
2 fingers on 2 twin Glock triggers
I know the game ain't got no rules and they got been laced
Damn, if so many muthaf**kas didn't know my face
I would've been offin' you playa hatin' ass niggas a long time ago
Would've seen you filled up with slugs would've seen you dyin' real slow
But you know what I ain't trippin' off that old sh*t
Cause y'all niggas ain't worth my riches
Go head and sit around and chatter my name out
I lace more punk ass b**ches
(Chorus): 2x

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