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Soldiers of Jah Army - Mother Earth lyrics

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Mother Earth by Soldiers of Jah Army

They should have know this couldn't last forever
They should have known this cannot last so long And
yes they should of known when we go murder our mother The
consequence from the father is going to be strong
Chorus I know, I know only love will stand Well
the wickedness come, wickedness go Only love will stand
v.2 They should have seen when we go raping Our
mother Earth who was so fresh and green That what we gonna
give will be what we getting And what we sow will be what
we reap If you take the blood out from her vein Things
they never ever gonna be the same Who will repair who will
bear the blame For the cost of this dangerous Babylon game
Chorus v.3 They should have known Soldier would
come and spread the message, they should have known
the righteous won't sit and watch They should
have known I work for the father I will defend my mother,
they should have known But know they did not. InI
know only love will stand

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