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Solé - I Don't Rap In Bumper Stickers lyrics

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I Don't Rap In Bumper Stickers by Solé

I've been doing this for too long to keep
Singing the same song
This is another one of those happy moments not made for anyone
I don't rap in bumper stickers, I'm witty with 40-liners
Every breath is a chorus, sing along if you're still breathing
I've got gods, I've got issues
Nowadays I've learned to not criticize
Ever seen my foot-in-mouth stance I'm a g walking
Broken token, something of little appreciation
To truly see where all of this aggression stems from
You gotta always play the nice guy and get shitted on
Everyday's a gavin convention with no one to see
Everyday they put up new doors and I don't want the keys
If I'm not getting black-balled I'm getting white-boyed
You can condescend me but you can't offend me
I'm sure i'll get all the secret codes
When showing love to sole becomes trendy
Poor me, I dig myself holes
Somebody marry me, I'm getting old
Somebody remind me why I continue to press on
I need a flamingo to put on my front lawn, I need a front lawn
I need to stop feeling sorry for myself
I need to stop repeating myself
Everything is fading slowly
No longer selling out, I'm buying in
Redefining my grin
Making new medicine and now I'm sick of it all
But I can't get enough. hating females less
Accepting the fact I'm slowly dying
And can't make any songs that glitter
Or be happy in a roller skating rink
So fuck the revolution, it's all about starcraft
Palm-pilots, and meaning what you say
So if you don't understand it, I can't explain it
And if you don't understand it, I can't explain it
If you don't understand it, I can't explain it
Picture perfect, picture perfect picture-

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