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Soilent Green - Afterthought Of A Genius lyrics

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Afterthought Of A Genius by Soilent Green

A multitude of anger
Ring out vulgar tone
Obscenity fro your pride
To isolate small flaws
Down right inhuman
On the moral ladder
Escape the cutthroat pack
Another trend has passed
Ahead of the line of fools
Preach to stand above
To overcome a fault
Explanation for the weak
Envied idols die
Thru these eyes of a jealous mind
One more bottle of sin
For this aggravation
I've watched you lose your temper over small things
A spoiled child's things
Kill it all, kill the past, reunite for the final grasp of breath
A gun in the hand of loyalty, sound of the trigger
A child of betrayal
The temper of the times
Stepping out of this depression to exist
Man bound to time
Fighting to control
Even the most uncontrolled
Unbalance to extinguish
No blame or fingers to be pointed
Standards will be matched
Live by these words and act on them
The final note
The final antidote
To cause confusion among the masses
Surpass these people once envied
Resurgence of youth
Hating all these promises never kept
Broken hearts are for romantics
A dream of love for the dramatic
Untold form of resurrection
Another list to re-enlist...understand the way of life
Persistence will get word of reason
Pass on a once forgotten tradition in moral praise
The enemy within knowledge
Re-molding this integral persona
Wearing the guilt of dishonesty
Trying to keep sanity
Unable to grasp this skill
This lack of passion
One-night stands and master plans
Or have you really forgotten what it is made of?
Modesty covered with mediocrity
Stabbing it's way to the heart
Giving up all the emotion in the world
To have some kind of satisfaction
Discipline, your natural selection, disposed of
Disloyalty to high to understand
The value of man declines once again
A loss of progress...for this conquest

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