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Forged By Fury

by Society's Plague


Forged By Fury Song Lyrics

Forged By Fury by Society's Plague

Just one chance to prevent
This from happening
Hold the lines
Their footsteps are deafening
This is how it begins
The air thick with sweat and fear
No room for defeat
Men and gods will know what happened here
One man stand above
Casting shadows upon
The feeble truths
And all who are looking on

Now the silence consumes
One million all standing still
Ready to spill their own blood
In defense of
All that is just and right
Their weapons all held up high
Poised for the final fight
Their blood will

The Stars fade
Releasing the dawn
And it's fiery exposure
Of all that went on
The man stand
Observing the sight
The pain in his eyes
The only thing...

What is left when all is gone
And the bodies of the dead
Are all our children look upon
You cannot see through
His weary eyes
To keep
His convictions true

The battle continues to grow
Once more there is peace
But was it worth the price
The right slaying the wrong
Tightening the vice
The light grows dim
As the man turns
One step at a time
For he is not done yet
The night is young
This is his time to change it all
The gift this one man bears will help
Shape it all

Open up your mind
Accept the truth of things
The words he prophecies
Will for ever ring

When this clock
Strikes the hand of two
All show know and see the things I say are true


The hand strikes
The sirens sound
Everything you once knew
Crumbles now
The light overwhelms
The man standing tall
Do you know who I am?
I am the voice

The redemption of all
The last judge and jury
The sword of the damned
I am forged by fury

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