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Snitch - The clan lyrics

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The clan by Snitch

hold your breath just for a while
and listen to what i have to say
but i guess it makes no sense
to try to tell you what i think
because your statements are so stupid
and they make no sense at all
you say we're just a bunch of a**holes
trying to be involved in your cool scene
so i'm asking you now my friend
are you really sure that you are mr.know-it-all
leading member of the clan
you're standing tall but you will fall
pick up your stuff you better run
because we're coming after you
and this is what we're going to do
set your house on fire
chase you around the block
until you're on your knees
take your stupid cellphone
and shove it up your ass
now try to call your friends
you saw us play a support show
now you really think we suck
because we didn't rock
so i'm asking you now my friend
cause i'm really wondering
where were you six years ago
when we played our first small show
you were at home still playing tunes
of tina turner springsteen bruce
so don't teach me your punkrock rules
'cause this is what i'll do to you
what did you do six years ago
we don't know

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