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Slutbox - Scared lyrics

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Scared by Slutbox

Her face is like a bad trip - sexpot living fast but I guess she'll pass on the everyday love fix -
Emotional slap to the face - regrets - too many things too many things
She likes the taste and smell but she can't afford it -
Brokered ass - beaten up but she won't report it
Scared - I'm the man in the mirror with the smile hiding in your tears
Retain - situations from the past brought to light after so many years
Explain - (nothing I'll keep it bottled up, seal the top with the plug)
Repaired - mend the jagged holes and soothe the mind with the happiness drug
She thought she found her Disneyland when she saw the bright lights -
But it turned to hell when the lights went down - blinded by dark nights -
(Stop) - She wants off the train because she's gonna be sick -
Push it back push it back - yet another attack - as she's sucking a strangers dick
She likes to believe she's in control - but she needs a fix -
Narcotic narcolepsy sedated by needle pricks -
(Heaven) - Is a drug filled mind and a girl that's beggin' for abuse -
About to fall - my sex drenched doll - and I'm looking to find a use

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