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Slowmotion Apocalypse - The Blessing lyrics

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The Blessing by Slowmotion Apocalypse

Choked by the pressure
Inside this glass cage I can't breathe
Trapped like an animal
Developing sickness
I can't just wait for my defeat
I am trying to escape from a slow decease
Again I feel the thorns in my head
I can't control my behavior
I'm hanging onto life
And I...
Hurt myself to death to feel I'm alive
Rebirth through self-destruction's what I crave
Beware my practices 'cause I...
Hurt myself to death only to survive
A matter of perception
A thin line between pleasure and pain
Is this what they call insanity?
A self-blessing in grief
I always liked the taste of my blood
But this doesn't mean I will stand here
Waiting for you to destroy my life
I am just hanging onto life
And I hurt myself to death to feel I'm alive
In this world
Out of control
Free to decide
To die

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