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Skemata - Penguin Riff lyrics

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Penguin Riff by Skemata

When he was just a little boy
His parents bought him a cool toy
It was called a penguin riff
But one day it flew off a cliff
The little penguin didn't know what to do
But in his dreams he flew
So he decided to give it a shot
He jumped off the cliff on the spit
And down down down he fell
Like money that was thrown down a well
And his life shot in him with a flash
As he hit the water with a splash
In the water yes he sat
Wishing he was just like a bat
Then one second after a cough
Like a plane he just took off
And high high high he flew
How he did it nobody knew
Over the cliff where he lost his riff
He soared into the air
And high high high into the sky
Like he'd be flying all of his life
And so kordoble took stance
And invented the penguin dance
(Lets Go! )

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