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Six Magics - Chiloe, The Creation lyrics

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Chiloe, The Creation by Six Magics

[Music: E. Avila]
There is a new hope
In the high mountains
That now are near to the shore,
The seagulls fly crying the dead
And the fish watch the dead go by
To the valleys buried in the sea
Valleys buried by the ruler of the sea
Many men have died in this virgin place
Spite is left on their descendants
Many have died with sadness and pain
Sorrow we have in our lives
From now on we will be on our own
A new legend we will forge in our strong land
Freedom from the dark evil that reigns in the sea!
Dark were the times that we had
But the future seems so bright
From the ashes we will rise
Evil was the dark serpent from the sea
Hater of all mankind!
All the houses were destroyed
By the fury of the evil one
The men are building houses on stilts
To rise from the ashes and live again
Mountains raised from the depth of the abyss
Becoming great islands
From the ashes to the great blue sky
Away from the distant shore
We will fight
The new ages will come
[Solo: Bath/Gabriel/Erick]

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