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Sinphonia - The Divine Disharmony lyrics

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The Divine Disharmony by Sinphonia

[GODS:] To be born is to be without infinity. Still She believes eternal
harmony is within her reach. That is why She shall be reborn in the world of
perishable matter. With inhuman knowledge inside a human shell. This is the
fall She has always been searching for.
Behind my closed eyes
I fear the endless sky
I cannot stand their light in this world
The gods spoke to me
We leave you to your mortal mind
Leave you on the path we defined
A soul of dust caught by the wind
Into the never
My will's confined to my human why
I am bound by memory
I sought the insight of infinity
To heal my wounded vanity
But now I roam this earth
Without will to wonder why
We leave you to your
Mortal mind
Leave the truth behind
Divine disharmony
In every comedy
The very script you speak
Lack the value you seek
Divine disharmony
Flows through all you see
Pierces all you feel
-Only gods can be gods

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