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Sindistry - Stalefish lyrics

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Stalefish by Sindistry

Wake and bake each morning
To ponder on a dream
Thought about what it said
And what it meant to me
Can't keep pretending
And wasting all this time
Got to let you know how I feel
How it gets me high
Cause thi sis the way that I'll die
Life to me can easily
Be taken by the judge of me
Grip the lip and pull the hit
Hold my breath til I can't see
God mad edope and dope is hope
To any motherfucker holding a hand
Going for broke
Don't try to comfort me with your sympathy
Cause I really don't need this fuckin shit
Climbed a many of mountain
And surfed upon the sea
Watched the sun rise and set
It seemed to calm the rage in me
I walked through this arctic world
And I felt the cold wind blow
All I wanted to know was why
And I know I'll never know

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