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Silent Descent - In The Skies lyrics

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In The Skies by Silent Descent

You'll breach to the side of insanity,
Stick inside the mind a slow vanity,
Stuck behind a mask of inhumanity,
Claim insanity.
It's my profanity.
Stay inside yet claim your empty,
Feel the rain outside your entity.
But you still feel,
There's no one else.
So open up, the memory departed,
Unfortunate conformity,
It's hard to believe,
Something founded so corrupt.
Ironic how the figureheads would burn.
We'll say,
We'll stay,
Open your fucking eyes.
In the skies, I'll carve your name,
Tear it apart, just to gain control.
Your tears are ecstasy,
Can you take me higher?
Check 1, 2
Now all my flaws seem to go away,
There's nothing anymore even though they stay.
A false shield protects me from my flies,
The pins and needles of the mind,
Had a better way to hide, tie and bind it,
With a simple mind set.
Now all has gone,
So I look elsewhere even though I'm wrong.
I stop.
I scream to the left,
I spit to the right.
This was never the way I wanted,
All's illusion haven't earned my flight.
A few hours later and the shield is gone,
This is me and I'm in the wrong.
But on the trip, shit I love that song,
You're either flying or holding on.
Pull back, your heart starts to race,
There's nothing to it, put the gun in your face.
Lean back and screw up your eyes,
Everything slows as you're ready to die
Touch on your tongue, awaiting unknown,
Never been so conscious and feeling alone.
Drink Jack, there's no hope in my eyes,
But when I am dead I will feel so alive.
We can feel, fly, it sends us into the skies.

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