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Music Video

I'm Distant

by Sik World


I'm Distant Song Lyrics

I'm Distant by Sik World

Damn, look who I became
Still me, not much changed
Still gettin millions of plays
But there's still feeling a way
They throwing dirt on my name
What a shame, what's shame
Overlooked what I done for you,
Such a waste, ya'll are fake, damn
That how it goes
Girls DTF in every zip-code
Once we had sex, then I hadda go ghost
Knew from the jump that we couldn't get close
Caught you slipping, acted like I didn't know
So I used you, liked you tried to use me
But the difference is, I'm steps ahead you tho
Won't take an L, nah nah no no
Sip that slow, swallow my ways
I'm not the one that'll ever get played
I return energy, it's goes both ways
Realized quick that people don't change
But it okay, one day you'll wake up
Catch up to me b**ch I won't wait up
I won't convince a mind that's made up
Boundaries set, I keep them raised up, I
Manifested my growth
Getting paid weekly, I'll never go broke
I visualize, every single night
I promise the minds no joke, let's go
These guys are a bust
They're following trends, I follow my gut
New deals offered in, but the boy don't budge
Ownership over them, yeah minds on clutch, I know

I know, I know, Ooo

I am more then a rapper, I'm in a spot that their after
I hear all the chatter and block out the noise
Just landed in chicago Illinois
It's just me and my team, I can rap and sing
I'm the only sik world, I'm an NFT
They slept on me, take my check then leave
They can SMD, ima let them sink
Try to let to many inside my ship
I wanna see who's really tryna to swim
Otherwise, I'll have boat filled with people who Can't handle
Even these waters I'm in
I'll admit, I am done, yeah I'll admit, I am done
Tryna save them from themselves
Let them see who I become (Nah, nah)
Nah I ain't go back, I left people in the past
I put myself on they map, they didn't give me a chance
They wanted me to fall flat, now they all see where I'm at
I'm watching old haters act, like they believed in my raps
Some people just love to cap, I sit in silence and laugh
My enemies didn't last, while they'd go party and nap
I'd write songs in my pad, and got myself a new pad
With a nice got a pool in the back, that's
How I'm living these days
Got girls in their feelings these days
They just wanna take since they know I'm blessed
I invest in me, until I 10X and yet
I'm in a place where friendship's still hella rare
And most people lie acting like they care
Just leaches, thinking that I'm unaware, b**ch I know

Yeah, step back take it slow,
I don't wanna talk, what for?
I'll say less, show more, I know
Yeah, I'm distant, I'm distant I know

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