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(SIC)Monic - Just How Far Down Do You Wanna Go? lyrics

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Just How Far Down Do You Wanna Go? by (SIC)Monic

If I could I would rewrite the concepts of never ending memories out of context
Fading visuals of lethal injections and the most beautiful angels who dwell at
The doors of infinity and cry rivers of blood that envelop me I suffocate for
The ones who cannot breathe I'll scream and shatter my soul just to believe
I'll tear apart my own vision and tranquility to blindly twitch under moonlit
Divinity if the sky opens up and you levitate open your arms rise don't be
Afraid In the darkest night what a beautiful sight as the impossible does blind
You softly falling out of the sky knife deep in your eyes the impossible does
Blind you softly syncopation reacts and the spine retracts and the impossible
Does blind you softly with two holes in my head and one in my heart everyone
Can see inside me How Far Down Do You Wanna Go?
How Far Down?
Close your eyes
And inhale the voice of forever exposed in fright colliding fused interlocking
Exposed in fright I travel on at mind-bending velocities way past the assumed
Unapproachable infinity become a nonexistent molecular atrocity gather remains
Suffocate resurrect I just don't believe I crawl I scratch I beg and I still
Pray misery enveloping and suffocating never-ending corneas accumulating
Staring back at me and I fall for it so deep never has there ever been another
Being that without words can carve circles inside me spoken in tongues so
Deviant that I fall for the reasons and treason's that mutate like seasons
Compelled to somehow emulate the feelings that do trickle down my spine in
Sickening rituals the visuals that repeat in my minds eye echoing below
The voices and the choices that bring my will back down to it's knees colliding
With the evidence that I suffer when I cannot see blinded by psychotic neurotic
Deafening psychosis that will not stop until I commit something so sick oh
Would you mind if I carve you gently oh could I gouge out your eyes softly oh
Would you mind if I fucked you softly oh could I somehow scream you to sleep
Emulate evaporate the consequence of false events and calculate the stimulant
Hypothesis scratching out my own eyes choke and twitch sow the stitch from the
Memories of all of this these are all the holes that I bleed to feed with hate
And greed for I can still not for the life of me satisfy the hunger it burns So
Where's the love that I need forever when those walls do collapse?

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