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Sick Shift - Rainy Day Song (Japanese Cd Only) lyrics

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Rainy Day Song (Japanese Cd Only) by Sick Shift

Sometimes I recall nothing at all
But the patter pelt sounds of rain coming down
On the windows outside of my parents' house
When I was a boy in a rainy port town
And you know that it's true
When I was walking from school in the rain
And I was maybe 7 or 8
I splashed in the puddles and played with wet dogs
Chased ducks, hide and seek in the fog
And I know those days are gone
And you know that my mom
She said take off your shoes at the door
You'll have wet dogs and puddles no more
You'll bathe and put on a clean change of clothes
I'm sure that you'll catch your death of cold
But then I didn't die
So it came to be
That I was supposed to keep my feet clean
And dry when rainy days coming were seen
Mom said you'll walk straight to school and then
You'll walk straight home after again
But some things you can't deny
So even today
When I'm walking around in the rain
And I've got somewhere warm to stay
I'll splash in the puddles and play with wet dogs
Chase ducks play hide and seek in the fog
And those days will never die

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