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Sicboy - Murder lyrics

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Murder by Sicboy

Took from me, while I watched and stared
It seemed to me they didn’t even care
You left my heart with unwanted truth
Mistake they made the day they took you
I see clearly and now I wait
With thoughts of you their life I will take
Wake with vengeance, wounded soul
Took from me that my life will roll
Wait for me while I wash your sins
Terrorize unleashed that's within
I ache inside for you with all of my heart
I look deep inside you’re tearing me apart
Through all this I can't let you go
This pain inside my hate I bestow
They raped your soul destroying all life
Regret that day, I won't let you die
The hate inside won't let you be free…
Here I am waiting for you
Unlock these doors I haven't got a clue
I smell you scent, I can't leave you behind
Your face I see is still fresh in my mind
A touch, a whisper, is taken from me
Answer this prayer tonight let me be free… let me be free…
Thoughts of you a vengeance unfolds
Took from me my hate I enroll
Wait for me while I bash your skull
Terrorize a death that will toll
The hate inside can set you free
Let me be free take this pain from me
No I can't let you go through all this I won't let myself
Rest in your bones I cannot bear to know. I swear with all my heart
I ache for you tonight why can't you be there for me?
I wont let you go.
I can't let you go.
I wont let this go.
I see you face
Inside the pain, inside the pain is mine… Murder.

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