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Shut Up And Dance - Rap's my occupation lyrics

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Rap's my occupation by Shut Up And Dance

Rap's my Occupation
It is so my occupation
So occupation
That I'll now...
When your occupation is rap
All ya gotta do is rap
Rap to the beat
No word's gotta match
You just go to rap to the beat
Chika Chika Boom Boom Chika Chika Boom Boom
Rapping to the beat before you die
[Some guy, Speaking]
It isn't right, man!
Yeah it ain't right
Ain't right to rap the beat before you die
But I guess it is 'cause rappin' is fun
And the fun can't stop
Until the fun's been popped
Like a big balloon!
Rap's my Occupation
It's my Occupation
You can't change my Occupation
So Occupation
So now I'll...
When ya rap you can do
When you can do you can rap
[Some Guy, Speaking]
I'm confused!
Confused Yet?
Yes you are
You are confused, yeah
(Yeah!) When you are confused
You are
'Cause 'cause 'cause
'Cause you are! You are so confuse
That this song ain't make no sense
Confused yet?
You only need
To know one thing
[Some Guy, Speaking]
What's that?
That rap's my occupation
It's so my occupation
So Occupation
When the Occupation
Is Spent, I have no Occupation
I love my Occupation
I love doing my Occupation
Is that all I do?
No it isn't
I do many other things
I can sing, I can rap
But rapping is still my Occupation
And when its your occupation
Go the other way
Give up 'cause I'm gonna beat ya
Get away Eminem, 50 Cent too
You too Nelly
They may like your song Nelly
That one cool song
"Shake Ya Tailfeather"
Shake that Tailfeather! Shake it!
Now, now Rapping ain't my Occupation
I can sing but Rap's my Occupation
Not Really...
Rap's My Occupation
Rap's My Occupation
Music Fades out with person singing, "Rap's My Occupation" again and again

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