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Shut Up And Dance - Nightmare Of The Clowns lyrics

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Nightmare Of The Clowns by Shut Up And Dance

Some people say I'm insane
But I am sane when I am telling
you the truth about the "Nightmare of the Clowns"
You going down
Stop smilin' at me!
(You going down Clown!)
Gonna trip ya with your big feet!
(You going down Clown!)
YEAH! Stop looking at me!
(You going down Clown!)
Honk Honk! I just got your red nose!
(You going down Clown!)
You Clowns think you everything
Fashion Freak Shows
You good for parties
You good for the kiddies
But the truth is
"Nightmare of the Clowns"
They're murderous fools
Think they can backstab me and every one else
Well they got another thing coming
Because of "Nightmare of the Clowns"
(You going down Clown!) Yeah Yeah!
(You going down Clown!)
Some people like you
And the sky is blue
You have a rainbow wig
maybe you bald
Maybe you dun have a red nose
or big feet
But still you're Evil, Fool
You Evil Clown!
(You going down Clown!)
So I sent my army against one of you's
That Clown murdered them, I swear
I saw it with my Spy Cam
And it was sad
to see my army fall victim to your evil charms
(Honk that nose!) Trip over your own feet clowns... (Honk that nose!)
It's pathetic really. How many people can fall to your evil charm.
It's real (real real real)
All of you Clowns are real
And I'm telling the truth, I swear
But one day you destroyed my Spy Cam
And I think you messed up Johnstown's Dam
So any way Clowns, you never coming near
Because of you, so many people are dead
I have to have a nightmare in bed
All about you
And the sky is sometimes blue
Oh well the Nightmare is over.
You all are wandering around, killing and chilling
I thought that was my job...
But that's okay fool
Rest in Peices, Clowns...

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