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Shirley Sanders - Fade Away lyrics

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Fade Away by Shirley Sanders

It's getting hard to remember the sound of your voice late at night
I try so hard to recall the look in your eyes when you looked into mine
I saw you yesterday the akward silence made me break
I saw how you looked away but then again I did the same
Why does it have to be this way?
Can't time just stand still for one day?
Maybe someday things will go back to the way it used to be
Maybe someday you could stand to look at me
Maybe someday I'll forget all about the promises we made
But for now I still love you and that will never fade away
All those late night we drove in your car looking for nothing
And all those other memories now to you they don't mean a thing
I wish you could hold me again like the way you used to do
I can wish for many things but it wouldn't bring back you
How could something go this bad?
When will I get back everything I had?
I'm missing you
I'm miss the one I could always run to
The scent of your hair the sound of your laugh
The way I felt when I was in your embrace
The light in your eyes the smile on your face
The touch ofyour hand wiping away my tears
The way you would run and destroy my fears
The sight of your car in front of my house
The way you would call just to see if I sill knew you love me
I miss you
You have to know it's hard alone
Are you this alone?
Or did I just fade away?
(Chorus 2x)

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