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Shelter - Message of the bhagavat lyrics

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Message of the bhagavat by Shelter

In defense of Reality 7"
by Shelter
(c) 1991
"In Defence of reality"
Security. Well, how secure are we?
Making our plans in a castle of sand as our dreams get
dragged to sea. You say you're independent; well is that
a fact? It's by creation's donation that you are maintained
but you'd rather turn your back. In defense of reality!
Today's modern science is your modern religion. Guesswork
taught as fact--"Don't talk back"--blind faith in their decision.
You say explosion started creation, and we're just chemical
combinations, but would you take the same stand if there was
a gun in my hand? Or wouls you beg for your salvation?
In defense of reality? Actually, these conclusions prove
their insanity! A creation without a creator...Can it be?
Just like a painting without a painter...absurdity! No,
I don't wanna run away, I want to embrace reality.
"The News"
An inspiration for a real sensation. Emancipation
of my soul. And my fixation is some infromation on this
part's relation to the whole. My aspiration is pure meditation:
self-realization, that's the goal! But nonsense information
breaks my concentration, mundane sound vibration is
taking control! Before I want to hear your news,
I want the news on me. Been caught up so long in all
of life's hype, I haven't had time to see that beneath
the disguise the real self lies which needs a soul satisfying
activity. No, I don't want to hear your news, I want
the news on me. Turn down that noise! Who are we
essentially? Beneath the smiles, profiles, and styles, lies
individuality. NO more immense pretense, I'll take down
my fence. I want to know the real me. No more acts
I just want some facts on the soul's real personality
But that news confuses, misconstrues, and abuses. It blocks
my view from what I need to see. I want the news on me.

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