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Sheavy - Invasion Of The Micronauts lyrics

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Invasion Of The Micronauts by Sheavy

I like to see what the lights can hide
You like to take it slow
You wanna dream every dream but
You just can't let it go
You like to hide in tomorrow's light
I like to live today
I wanna see everything but
I just can't find a way
The song keeps getting faster
Now you're gone
It's all I need today
You always say that the setting sun
Will be there every day
I wouldn't give up the night
Cause I know I'll be okay
I never feel like its just a game
You say I've lost my mind
I couldn't lose anything
Cause there's so much left to find
Even though the sun is in my eyes yeah
I can see the darkness through the lies
Even though the words are never said yeah
Someone tells me I'm the one who's dead
Am I dreaming?
What comes after?
Changing all the things that matter
Places, faces, I hear laughter
Faster, faster, is it faster?

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