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Sharpe and Numan - When The Record Spins lyrics

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When The Record Spins by Sharpe and Numan

You take me to the club, boy
And you're likin' what you see
'Cause I'm all dressed in black vinyl
And you wanna set me free
Verse II
You start taking off my jacket
And I know you wanna play
Then you lay me on the table
I feel you place your hands on me
Ooh... can you hear me singin'?
Ooh... all the joy you're bringin' (yeah)
When The Record Spins
That's when you begin
To love me, baby
'Cause I move it like this
And I move it like that
It drives you crazy
Baby, when the...
When The Record Spins around and round
Verse III
You move me back and forth, boy
Touchin' me like there's an itch
And the sounds you've got me makin'
It's like I'm now an instrument
Verse IV
You have got me in your hands now
This is where I want to be
You can put me in a trance now
And let me move continuously

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