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Sgns Of Darkness - Stars In The Nocturnal Sky... lyrics

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Stars In The Nocturnal Sky... by Sgns Of Darkness

"Stars In The Nocturnal Sky Are Like A Thousand Dreams
In The Ruined Rosegarden"
In darkness the moon rises
And lights up the valley
Iced mountains and frozen springs
Echo's run through the forest
Where a river of grief flows
Snow and frost covers the landscape
With a grim dark smile
Thousand years of torture
For the souls in the twilightzone
Stars in the nocturnal sky
Are like a thousand screams
An icon of never dreamed dreams
Damned until the end of time
This eternal winter... please let me die...
Indelible grief
Close your burning eyes
And sink with me
Now the sun has left my life, eternal grief.
Snow has covered my heart, for good, for good
"Cherish me, oh let this be, look at me, I desired thee
... lonely, cold, dark sympathy
Swallow me, oh let that be, you're the one, you said to me
I feel love surrounding thee, breaking waves of apathy"
In the night the sky is full of stars
Those thousand screams...
As tears fall, everything will be black
Darkness rules my heart and hunts...
Like stars in an astral eclipse my chanis fade away
The ruined rosegarden:"send me back to the stars"
It's like a romance in December
In the heart of an eternal winter
"She was mortal, a beauty unique"

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