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Seven Witches - No man's land lyrics

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No man's land by Seven Witches

Banished to this place for a crime not committed
Alone I walk in fear of this forbidden zone
I feel a darkened force surrounding me
In solitude and pain I've wandered endlessly
Oh take this nightmare away
Why must I be tormented by this pain
Night falls as I approach the barren wasteland
The cries I hear are made of creatures still unknown
Strange thoughts and visions now are haunting me
Somehow I know this place was meant for me
Watch out! No mans land
Lost now in a world of pure darkness
No mans no mans land, world of pure evil
Alone the dark stranger walks through the barren wasteland
He struggles with the fact he has been
chosen to enter the forbidden zone
Why was he chosen for this journey and why have
the Gods selected him as the people's savior
All the while he listens to the voices in the wind
warning him to beware!! Yeah, yeah.

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