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Everything's Gonna Be O.K. Lyrics

by Self Against City


Everything's Gonna Be O.K. Song Lyrics

Everything's Gonna Be O.K. by Self Against City

Fasten your seabelt baby, we’re going for a ride tonight
We’re gonna drive far away from home to a place that we call love
We won’t be looking back we’re gonna leave it all behind

Baby, one two three
Yeah, you’re gonna see we’re gonna dance the night away
Everything’s gonna be O.K.
You bet everything’s gonna be O.K.

Hold on for a little longer we’re gonna make it right on time
Let’s kick the pedal to the metal, yeah
And everything’s gonna be alright, tonight

Baby, one two three….

And I won’t let you down gonna be right by your side
I won’t let go just keep your hands in mine
I will be here for as long as I’m alive
Won’t let you down
Yeah, one two three…

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