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Se7en Sided - Abrupt Legacy lyrics

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Abrupt Legacy by Se7en Sided

Beauty and fear as the sky opens up
Panic subsides as you're forced to accept
Take what you can when nothing remains
She'd all your tears, they're doing the same
Plan and decide that it's time to destroy us
Welcome the end out of spite for your pain
Eradicate, commiserate, annihilate
This fucking world is over!
As if face to face with a god
I never thought I'd see the day
Flames erasing everything that we've done
I never thought I'd get away
Justice on earth just in case nothing follows
May the creatures you tortured deny you of flesh
Oceans and tides will swallow your goals
Compassion for few, contempt for the rest
They should have listened but soon they will see
It's how this life ends that makes each of us the common dead
Searching for years, it's right in your face
Driven by questions, teased by your fate
The meaning of life turns out to be... nothing!

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