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Scorccio - That's The Way lyrics

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That's The Way by Scorccio

Uh, uh, uh...
That's the Way, uh, uh, uh, uh, I like it, uh, uh, uh, uh...
Brothers are stealin' and dealin' a bit willin'
And to the younger mine that stuff is appealing,
So, what do they do, they gotta up a crew,
Go out and steal and rob instead of getting a job.
Now, your mother tried to bring you up better than that,
The same way she loved you, you loved her right back,
But now you think you're grown and you argue a lot,
All the money you've got, from dealin stuff in a block.
Now, you're not the only one in the world that has problems,
Keep your head straight and you can solve this open
Be a flat guy and risk at high,
And let the jeffers into get a piece of apot.
I hope you take key to the message I brought,
In other words, the lesson I taught,
The Redhead kicked the lyrics, but I won't sing,
And the F.B.I. crew wants you to do the right thing.
Not talkin' about the black or white thing
'Cause that would cause conflict to make the sillogy.
But your definitionology, and illogy that makes is
Confusin' up to make it one of sin.
To make this clearer, 'cause in about a year or two,
What you'll do is take a look up in the mirror,
And what you'll see is the image of hate
That you she'd upon the others, sisters and your brothers.
Now, in my opinion you need someone to teach,
The whole world is acting like a giant terror bitch.
I asked my mad victim what he used to do for fun
He said he learns to shoot the gumma for the 821.
Cry man of washing all kinds of my distortion
This is very important but just a little clause
What you can do there's a clue, yo,
Don't want a brand new sweater, make your life better,
And do the right thing.

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